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Lucia Gutierrez Vazquez and Jordi Claramonte

Thursday 18th of May

This is a workshop where a group of artists and architects are going to reflect on the needs of the artistic fabric of the city in relation to, above all, the possibility of endowing spaces of residence, production and artistic exhibition.

Most of the European capitals can count with this kind of spaces, which give vital support to local artistic creation and foster exchanges and synergies with other contexts of cultural production. Neither in Madrid, nor much less in the rest of the state there is a significant endowment of residences of artists that work simultaneously like centers of production, exchange and exhibition. Endowing such a space in Madrid based on self-management, would mark a new era in whole country.

The project is inspired by the Saint Gall plan developed in 825, almost 300 years after the death of Benedict of Nursia. The plan contains not only a repertoire of elements necessary to articulate a community that is self-sufficient and capable of surviving with dignity but also outlines the different degrees of openness that the community must have in order to maintain its coherence without being entirely isolated from the outside world.


Through the Saint-Gall Plan, we will have access to a critical review of the substantive needs of a human community (involved not only in survival but in the preservation of the highest standards of anthropological intelligence). It will also give us the opportunity to investigate the different ways in which these needs are modulated.

The challenge, specifically architectural, is to conceive a plethora of "modal convents", which are able to couple different organizational and vital approaches to the architectural spaces offered by the Military Pharmacy Building.
We are going to work collectively generating different proposals of what could be the equivalent to the "rule" of a monastery, that is to say, a consensual distribution of times and spaces that allow us to combine the public, the private and the common.

We will work in according to a collection of 48 letters that represent some "patterns" of organization of space and action. Each working group will reach a proposal of "rule" with which to found and keep alive an artistic space of residence, production and self-managed distribution.


Thursday 18th of May (hours TBA)


Sala La Trasera, Faculty in Fine Arts of UCM


Artists, architects, neighbors and people who need to meet their needs for accommodation, production and socialization without being ruined the road. We will make groups of between 4 and 12 people. As many as the hall can host.


The organizers will provide the participants with the deck of card-patterns with which one can think and graphically represent the different solutions-rules.


To apply download and complete the online application found under “Workshops” on our website (http://coca.aq.upm.es/es/) and send the filled form to coca.arquitectura@upm.es


UPM Students and Congressmen: FREE (The recognition of free-elective credits will be managed)

The registration fee for the Congress includes participation in any of the workshops.

For those who are not registered: We have a bono - 7 workshops (without accreditation to Congress): €50


Lucia Gutierrez Vazquez is an Architect by ETSAM, she is part of the art and activism collectives "Chapa y Pintura" and "Gorda y Calvo"

Jordi Claramonte holds a degree in Philosophy from the UNED, he is part of the thought and direct action groups of " Odioso y Aprensiva " and " Guapa y Famoso "