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Rodrigo Delso Gutiérrez is, above everything, a chronopath that is always interested in any anormal project related to the 'time' parameter and the technological temporalities, but in this occasion he has been called for being the co-founder, with Javier Argota, Ioannes Busca, Borja Gómez and María Luisa de Miguel, of the Association of Innovative Architectonical Pedagogies '100x10' ( 100x10 is a space of reflection on contemporary pedagogy in the architectonical project.

During its 5 years of activity, the association has done hard work getting to celebrate the workshop '100x10 Center of Projectual Technification'. The complexity of the initiative abides in the statement that architecture is above everything an attitude. How to infect young people with an attitude when everyone is constantly vaccinated against anything that supposes a mental construction over the simple utilitarianism and sleepiness produced by the routine. Learning by contagion, like the master of a profession, is produced by contact, working in conjunction, but also in an almost lucky, probabilistic, chaotic way.

In 2011, '100x10 MMDA' we ran away of society. In 2012, '100x10 ON THE ROAD', we hit it at high speed. In 2013, '100x10 * and OLE', we immersed on it. In 2015, '100x10 ISLAS', we rediscovered unexplored territories. 100x10 has succeeded in many places in the Spanish geography, from Madrid to Ibiza. We have been supported by the Architecture Faculties of Madrid, Toledo, Alicante and Murcia, the NMAC Foundation, Centro de Arte Puertas de Castilla, AP Gallery and AABB (Agencia de Apoyo a la Arquitectura de Barcelona) among others.

The success of the workshop and the pedagogical innovation of the idea have been recognized in CINAI 2011, eme3 2012, Crearq 2012, Sin Créditos, Yorokobu, La Vanguardia, etc...