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Taller Topotesia

Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th of May

The Possible Futures, the Fiesta, is a workshop of ludic genesis, shared intensity and palpable reality. During its development we will analyze, propose and develop strategies for the reactivation and urban regeneration that will take as a point of action a small municipality of the Empty Spain (Vallecillo). The workshop will be focused on materializing and implementing the proposals of the participants during the summer of 2017, within the framework of the multidisciplinary festival Playa-220, which celebrates its second edition between 1st and 5th of August.

The workshop will have as ultimate target a pilot test of the strategies and proposals developed along its duration, taking place at the closing party of COCA, on Friday 19th.


This workshop seeks to engage participants in their own proposals, as a result of collective work, open and unprejudiced (hence La Fiesta), in the problems that marginal societies (in this case, rural) are suffering.


Wednesday 17th

From 10.00 to 11.00h: Presentation. Brief introductory exposition of the workshop
From 11.00 to 12.00h: Exposition and start working on strategies of regeneration and urban revival.
From 17:00 to 18:30: Teamwork. Development of proposals.

Thursday 18th

From 10.00 to 12.00: Teamwork. Development of proposals. Definition of proposals.
From 17:00 to 18:30: Adaptation of strategies to the closing party.

Friday 19

Preparation of the party (schedule still to be confirmed).
Enjoy the closing party.



Classroom S1 in ETSAM


15 people minimum.


Stationery (paper, cardboard, markers, pencils, pins, ribbon, post-it, etc).


Download the form of our web, http://coca.aq.upm.es/es/
In the WORKSHOPS section, fill it out and send it to coca.arquitectura@upm.es

Registration fees

Students UPM and Congressmen: FREE (the recognition of credits of free choice will be managed)

The registration fee to the Congress includes registration to any of the workshops or several of them, provided there are places available

For those who are not registered: Bono 7 workshops (without accreditation to the congress): 50 €


Taller Topotesia, formed by Javier Martínez and Aida Más. Multidisciplinary architects and directors of the Urban regeneration Festival Playa-220.