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Friday 17th of May

Río Malasaña (Malasaña River) is an appropriation of the urban space by citizens (small and old) a game for the neighbors, who build a river in San Andrés street and then cross it as bathers, with glasses, floats and fins.
The action aims to reclaim the city as a field of play and the importance of public space as a place of relationship and as a space susceptible of appropriation by the citizens; Considering also children as active inhabitants and not only as citizens of the future.
The proposal concerns the game in the street and the pedestrian occupation of space for vehicles, a break with the segregation of spaces and uses in the city and the opportunity to create new possibilities in already known environments.


The action will be developed in several phases where citizen participation is indispensable. First, the aquatic structure will be carried out, weaving a net of wools in different shades of blue between the bollards of the street, inviting the pedestrians to collaborate spontaneously. Once the construction of the river is completed, the bathers - bathed with their aquatic equipment - must cross the tangle of threads trying not to get wet.


Fruday 17th of May, 15.00-17.00 h.


San Andres Street, in the stretches between the streets Santo Espirito Santo - San Vicente Ferrer - La Palma and Velarde.


It is an open action and requires the participation of both adults and children in all phases (assembly, walk and disassembly). Approximately 200 participants are estimated in total during the two hours of duration.


The organization will supply the blue wool for the construction of the river but the participants must bring some water accessory: diving glasses, floats, sleeves and fins. They can also provide beach furniture (folding tables and chairs) and their own snack to make a picnic on the banks of the Malasaña River.


To apply download and complete the online application found under “Workshops” on our website ( and send the filled form to


UPM Students and Congressmen: FREE (The recognition of free-elective credits will be managed)

The registration fee for the Congress includes participation in any of the workshops.

For those who are not registered: We have a bono - 7 workshops (without accreditation to Congress): €50


Chiquitectos, was created as a ludic and educational project to involve children and young people with the world that surrounds them and to awaken their interest towards architecture, the environment, the city and the sustainable development. Currently, and given the positive reaction received by teachers and institutions, Chiquitectos also carry out adult training courses and workshops in companies focusing on different skills.
Almudena de Benito Architect from ETSAM and founder of Chiquitectos
María Bescansa Architect and Máster in Design of Toys and Products for children of IED
Pablo Albaladejo  Architect from ETSAM and Expert in Artistic Education in UCM