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Ana Matos

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th of May

Today we tend to think of photography as a beautiful object we produce and which will hopefully be hung on a wall or shared in social media, if its destination is not to die in our computer's hard drive to never be seen again. This has led us to not think of the image as a tool or as potential element; The artist Penelope Umbrico, makes a critique of this age of excessive use of images, through her work Suns from Flickr “is it worth making another photo, additional to those that already exist, another sunset? Will it bring something new if we do it again? Does it make sense to continue increasing the graphic pollution in which we are immersed today?

From the democratization of photography at the beginning of the twentieth century by Eastman Kodak (with the launch of the first camera with film roll replacing the crystal plate) and to this day with the vertiginous reach it has acquired thanks to the use of smartphones (practically as photographic devices that, in addition, fulfill the function of calling and sending messages), we have fallen into a post photographic era - As the photographer Joan Fontcuberta qualifies it- where we live flooded by an overabundance of images.

This workshop aims to approximate the idea of the image as a language and tool to communicate. It doesn't matter if our role is as professionals or as amateurs, what interest us is the critical and personal view that builds the image to convey a message. In this process we will realize how important the work of creating the images themselves is as much as their subsequent editing work to select the necessary material when it comes to knowing what we want to tell.


The workshop is developed in three blocks to understand photography from the theory, practice and staging point of view.


Thursday 18 May, 09.30-14.00 H.

Friday 19 May, 16.00-19.00 H.


S3 Classroom in the ETSAM


25 people maximum


To apply download and complete the online application found under “Workshops” on our website ( and send the filled form to


UPM Students and Congressmen: FREE (The recognition of free-elective credits will be managed)

The registration fee for the Congress includes participation in any of the workshops.

For those who are not registered: We have a bono - 7 workshops (without accreditation to Congress): €50


Ana Matos is an architect and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her research is around the image as a tool while developing his professional activity as a photographer.