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Alvaro Almazán Cabetas & Madlab Makers

Friday 19th of May

Currently, thanks to the evolution of computer-aided drawing and manufacturing tools (CAD-CAM), the diffusion of open source software and hardware related to Digital Fabrication (3D Printers, Laser Cutting, CNC) we can design, program and build machines, self-replicate, construct prototypes and even our own house. 3D printing has many fields of application such as industrial design, architecture, archeology, engineering and construction, automotive and aerospace, medicine, education, fashion, marketing, food.

The introductive workshop for 3D printing will be developed in the new 3D printing research laboratory of ETSAM, 3DLAB. The participants will get to know in what consists this digital manufacturing tool and its history, types of printing technologies, materials, filaments and the different 3D printers that can be found in the market. In addition, they will learn how they can build their own printer from a do-it-yourself assembly kit. We will also explore the various fields of application, the present situation and what the future holds in terms of digital manufacturing and new forms of construction.


Beginning with an introduction, we will explore the process of printing on PRUSA professional 3D printers and hot melt extrusion technology FTS (fused filament fabrication) from ETSAM.

The workflow required to be able to transmit our ideas and architectural projects through 3D printing will be taught, starting from an already designed 3D modeling. But not only as a result of a finished and closed object, but the rapid prototyping and low cost as a methodology to add to our design processes will be encouraged as well.


Friday 19th of May, from 15.00 to 19.00


3Dlab in ETSAM


25 people maximum

The workshop will be focused primarily on architects and artists who are familiar with 3D design and drawing, as well as models.


Download the form of our web, http://coca.aq.upm.es/es/
In the WORKSHOPS section, fill it out and send it to coca.arquitectura@upm.es

Registration Fees

Students UPM and Congressmen: FREE (the recognition of credits of free choice will be managed)

The registration fee to the Congress includes registration to any of the workshops or several of them, provided there are places available

For those who are not registered: Bono 7 workshops (without accreditation to the congress): 50 €


Alvaro Almazán Cabetas is president of the MADLAB MAKERS Association, manager of 3DLAB, research laboratory in 3D printing of the ETSAM